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Who would benefit from this course

Are you facing challenges in your communication as a result of your stutter?

Have you lost confidence engaging with others in public?

Do you want to be able to say the words YOU want to use?

Are you struggling in the workplace to assert yourself?

Does the idea of ordering food or making a phone call fill you with anxiety and fear?

If you've answered YES to any of the above, this course has been created to equip you with the tools you need to overcome these challenges.

What benefits will you get?

You'll get to work through the online course in your own time

with 1 year access to content for only £99!

You'll learn about:


The way you breathe has a significant impact on your ability to speak with greater fluency

Over the past 25 years as an opera singer and voice teacher, I have mastered the techniques required for efficient breathing and have used them to great effect to significantly reduce my stutter. I’m keen to share them with you.


Representing yourself authentically improves confidence

Knowing the workings of how to produce a sound, understanding the importance of posture, breath flow and the power of thought, you will eventually become able to use the words you want to use and build confidence by representing yourself authentically.


Having command over your delivery in speech aids communication

Learning how words are formed and gaining an in depth understanding of the use of vowel sounds and consonants will improve your vocal delivery and lead to better communication in speech.


Gaining greater fluency boosts self esteem

Once you’ve understood the principles and mastered the techniques, you will feel more in control of what you want to say, enabling the sound of your singing voice to sound just like speech giving way to greater fluency in communication.

What the students are saying

I can't thank Rodney enough. I've been on so many courses and nothing has helped me as much as this...My speech is on my terms now

JACK, Stage Chargehand, UK

Singing Speaking has helped me significantly improve my speech. The techniques taught, have become second nature to me and I am able to speak with confidence. The thing that scared me the most (speaking over the phone or via video), I can now complete with ease. Thank you Singing Speaking.

SILENCE, Social Worker, US

This course has given me some good techniques to fall back on in moments when my speech gets bad..Overall, its having that sense of control without feeling you're doing an obvious technique, it all seems very natural and that has helped me relax about my speech

GUY, Carpenter, UK

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As part of my daily working routine I get joy and satisfaction from teaching others how to sing, offering vocal coaching and working with people who’s job requires them to speak in public. From the age of 10 I’ve been stuttering and throughout my training at the Royal Academy of Music, London and with over 25 years experience out in the professional field, I’ve attributed the reduction in my stuttering to my singing. 

So this is my desire for you! To get you from where you are to where you want to be. To equip you with all the singing tools and techniques I have learnt over the years. Now I’m not expecting you to become the world’s best singer but moreover feeling more in control of what you want to say and when. I want you to feel more confident at handling practical matters like introducing yourself, ordering food in a restaurant or even saying your wedding vows! Imagine the freedom you’d get in your newfound state of fluency in communication!

So, if you want to find another way, and a more honest alternative to your fluency in communication and become more in control of your stutter, I’d encourage you to Sign Up Now to this course on Singing Speaking.

Best Wishes and To your Success!

Rodney Earl Clarke

Photo: Sarah Alice-Lee

Gain the Mastery


Gain Mastery of the techniques you've learnt from the course and take full command of your speech, singing and communication.

PRICING £60 - 1 hour session